The implementation of the Quality and Food Safety Politics in the company Sociedade de Águas de Moçambique, Lda (Namaacha Plant) it’s based in values of integrity and loyalty business, and in high ethical standard: honesty, trust and transparency regarding people and current legislation.

For that, the last years, the company have provided, a great and continuous investments, in the acquisition and modernization of all the technological equipment’s, as well as the necessary infrastructure to support the associated process to the Food Safety and Quality Management implemented and the consequent recruitment of human resources.

The company develops actions that allow sure the requirements and the expectations of the customers, with whom it maintains a close and transparent relationship. In this sense, it defined and implemented the the Quality and Food Safety Politics. That is based in the follow’s commitments:

  1. Qualify and evaluate periodically the Providers and demand rigor in the quality of the supplied products. Keep a good communication to get a solid partnership, to get improvement;
  2. To secure a proper training all the Employees to improve that skills and get rich the knowledge, for effective performance motivated and responsible;
  3. To assume a responsible environmental attitude, especially in the field of the rational consumption and sustainable of the subsidiary raw material, and consumption of natural resources and energetic, as well the treatment of waste resulting from the activity;
  4. Support the technological development and the process improvement, to persecute and follow the evolution market, achieve a better satisfaction of the expectative e Customer´s needs;
  5. Evaluate and promote the Customer satisfaction;
  6. Maintenance of the Quality and Food Safety Management System in order to ensure the manufacturing of the products in conformity with the procedures established, comply with current legal and the requirements and the contractual requirements assumed with Customers;
  7. One water with quality, result of the conjugation of two factors
    1. The water quality;
    2. The strict of the production process.

      The great standard industrial installations, filling lines installed with the most recently and modern equipments of filling, and the control of quality . Own lab (microbiology and physic -chemistry), completely able to perform any analysis to a large number of control parameters of the water quality and accuracy control of the rules HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Points).
  8. Ensure the identification, and evaluation and control of hazards and risk related with the Food Safety. Obeying to the current requirements for the methodology HACCP as well for the current regulation and the Codex Alimentarius.
  9. Manage, optimise and periodic review the Quality and Food Safety Management System to assure the viabily and the economic success. To promote an improvement continuous to add value to the process always thinking it’s possible improve.
  10. Valuing people as the most value resource. The success of the company it’s in their employees, suppliers and customers to ensure an efficient communication in questions related with the quality and food safety.

The Sociedade de Àguas de Moçambique, Lda Administration; sponsor the sharing of the internal Quality and Food Safety Politics to commitment all the employees and they self assume the responsibility and the impact in they duty’s in the Quality and Food Safety Management System. The way to communicate the Quality and Food Safety Politics are basically:

  • In the share of the access to the Quality and Food Safety user Book.
  • Posting in the wall the Quality and Food Safety Politics in a place well visible to all the employees,

For the same way the Administration ensure the communication of the Quality and Food Safety Politics and the guidelines contained inside himself same, to all external parties interesting,  posting wall in the in the front desk and in the website. The administration take on the commitment to create the administrative conditions and technical to implement, keeping, and update when necessary.